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Twitter Puts Global Security At Risk

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In the modern world, we communicate quickly, and directly, but the negative effects will eventually come. Under the Trump presidency, this will saftey no longer be the case, especially due to the rise of Twitter.

Twitter provides a unique standing, one which the world has never before seen. Anybody, anywhere, can have direct communication with anybody, be it a global figure, or a politician. This however provides individuals, especially those with power, to do irreversible damage.

South China Sea

Several months ago, in the South China Sea, the Chinese took a US, non-military drone. In response, Trump tweeted:

China steals United States Navy research drone in international waters – rips it out of water and takes it to China in unprecedented act.

He uses strong words, loaded with emotion; an appeal to fear. This tweet is small, but in the face of already stressed geopolitical and economic tensions, it only makes the situation worse.

Nuclear Weapons

Another tweet, but equally important:

Donald Trump, by sharing is unfiltered personal thoughts, is now in a position to further perpetuate the arms race which the United States has been engaged in since the beginning of the Cold War.

The lack of conscience exercise over self control can be compared to a friend whispering a threat to a group of friends, while the person they are threatening is standing 5 feet away and is listening to the conversation.

Governmental secrecy arose for a reason, some good, some bad. However, the posting of such blatant, internationally destructive threats must not be tolerated.


More global risks come from hackers.

In 2016, nearly 10% of all Twitter accounts, nearly 32 million in number, were compromised according to Tech Crunch.

Private corporations lack the same standards of informational security as the governments’. With less security, there is a higher risk to the global standing. What would you do if you that @RealDonaldTrump tweeted that we were about to launch a nuclear attack against Russia?

These issues come about from weak security, and it isn’t worth the risk.


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