Scott Pruitt on Climate Change

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Scott Pruitt official became the newest chair of the American Environmental Protection Agency, and his views represent a painful attack on global development. Climate change is here, unarguable, and will be the greatest single event which humanity has ever had to overcome.

Scott Pruitt’s Views

Published in 2016, Scott Pruitt wrote the following in his article named The Climate-Change Gang:

We won’t be joining this coalition, and we hope that those attorneys general who have joined will disavow it. Healthy debate is the lifeblood of American democracy, and global warming has inspired one of the major policy debates of our time. That debate is far from settled. Scientists continue to disagree about the degree and extent of global warming and its connection to the actions of mankind. That debate should be encouraged — in classrooms, public forums, and the halls of Congress. It should not be silenced with threats of prosecution. Dissent is not a crime.

Not only does he not believe in climate change, he not only believes that there is a debate that must occur. Scientist do not continue to disagree about global warming. They settled the climate change “debate” quite a long time ago, as 97% of scientists now accept climate change.

Furthermore, he believes that “If it is possible to minimize the risks of climate change, then the same goes for exaggeration, If minimization is fraud, exaggeration is fraud.” So not only does he feel that climate change doesn’t exist, he sees it as reasonable to persecute those that do.

An Unarguable Truth

Despite that there has been an effective silencing of the governmental scientific body, climate change is still a reality. NASA published the image below, marking 2017 as the third-warmest January in recorded history.

Obviously, the trend of warming exists. Plus, it is most universally agreed upon. So the only issue how can we solve it?

We must not allow one man’s views to hurt the entire planet.

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