Protest – A Poem

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This poem reminds us all that we have to fight oppression to find justice. As freedom is threatened globally, never has the message held more true.


The wreck,

the havoc.

The crooked chains,

of the clumsy interior.

they rattle, they spur.

The corrupted curs

of the dictating blood splatter.

We bite, we shove.

In agony to reach the pain’s true love.

we hearken to death,

for justice is our final rest.

My real name is Syed Amish Alvi. I am a lost person in this world we live in filled with dreams and realities, Struggling to find my way. One thing which i have always been praised about is my way with words and i hope to use this blog to show the world my unique ability. As my life unfolds and i find my way to destiny i hope to share to the world all my hopes and dreams.

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