The Persian Perish Song

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A brief poem to make a crucial remark regarding of the wars’ in the Middle East, and the historical value of the region, which despite conflict is still a gem.


The Persian Perish Song

Accustomed to war,

heathened by dirt,

lies a quaint little land,

that tyrants bled to shore.

Standing tall through historical pyres.

Blazing past shahs of mythical desire.

Reaping seeds of communist greed,

landing hails of religious heed.

Surrounding musk of ever green,

marble clad flooring,

filled with stories,

ready to bleed.

Landmarks, land masked, razed,

plundered into holes.

Cultured, gutted beauty,

covered to the pores.

From kings to tyrants

to shahs of waging war.

Mesopotamian pride

and the Persia that always was.

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My real name is Syed Amish Alvi. I am a lost person in this world we live in filled with dreams and realities, Struggling to find my way. One thing which i have always been praised about is my way with words and i hope to use this blog to show the world my unique ability. As my life unfolds and i find my way to destiny i hope to share to the world all my hopes and dreams.

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