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The Smart City of the Future

As we move forward into a new age of technology and society, the idea of smart cities are becoming more and more popular, but at what cost? Be it Songdo or Masdar, countries around the world are scrambling to develop cities that fully integrate modern technology, infrastructure, and methods of transportation, but the issue with… Keep Reading


A Taste of Winter

Though there is no known origin to why we associate peppermint with Christmas, there are many assumptions that are based in candy canes, and this tradition appears to hold true today. Historically, mint was used by the Greeks and Romans as a status symbols, being used for its aromatic properties, believing that it helped ward… Keep Reading


The Fatal Flaw of The Supreme Court

With the nomination of a new Supreme Court Justice under the elect Trump administration, the mainstream media has been focusing largely on who the replacement for the late Antonin Scalia has been a large focus, but we must take a step back and look into the history of the membership of the Supreme Court in… Keep Reading

Finance & Business/Opinion

Market Manipulation in the 2016 Election

As the United States election drew to an end, the Stock Market’s overnight trading grew wild, the DOW dropping nearly 5 percent overnight. Before falling, speculation of a democratic victory had the markets up roughly 100 points before a Trump victory in Ohio. The day before, the market ran upwards as the FBI cleared Hillary… Keep Reading

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