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Investment Exposure to Tesla Without Risk

Tesla Motors (TSLA) is more valuable than Ford or GM, but this can not last. Undeniably, Elon Musk’s baby is in a bubble. Having gone up nearly 900 percent in the past 4 years, something is bound to change the moment the company stumbles. What makes Tesla so special? Having entered the market as a… Keep Reading


Twitter Puts Global Security At Risk

In the modern world, we communicate quickly, and directly, but the negative effects will eventually come. Under the Trump presidency, this will saftey no longer be the case, especially due to the rise of Twitter. Twitter provides a unique standing, one which the world has never before seen. Anybody, anywhere, can have direct communication with… Keep Reading


Chosen Isolation of Suburbia

My steady, monotonous thumping of ill lifted feet, scrape every third step over the concrete. I push on, alone on the path. There is nobody near me; the silence is deafening. Further on I trek, finally seeing another human, only to be met with an empty gaze and a glare of scorn. Welcome to suburbia,… Keep Reading

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Market Manipulation in the 2016 Election

As the United States election drew to an end, the Stock Market’s overnight trading grew wild, the DOW dropping nearly 5 percent overnight. Before falling, speculation of a democratic victory had the markets up roughly 100 points before a Trump victory in Ohio. The day before, the market ran upwards as the FBI cleared Hillary… Keep Reading

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