The First Amendment Press is an upstart online news publication that is designed to act as a forum and independent newspaper to help facilitate social change and progress. It is our belief that every movement starts out at a grassroots level, but the selective inclusion of mainstream media allows those in control of the media corporations to have their own agenda, choosing what should and should not become an issue.

There must be a democratized process, where the ideas that matter to people become popular because of their support by the people, where every person who reads an article is voting to include it in our collective social conscience.

Right now, the world is changing, but our media has yet to change at the rate of our technological progress, but that time has changed. The internet presents the opportunity to create a new culture in which everbody, everywhere can come together for the first time in human history to forge a stronger future.

Here at The First Amendment Press, we believe that this will be done through digital media, through stories, through the power that each of us has to change the world.

By coming together, our national news can become international news, and micro level problems can present systemic problems and inequalities. Everything is connected, and only by connecting will we be able to develop ourselves and our world around us.

No longer should we be controlled by the same people, the same nationalist, biased media that has plagued the world, feeding the fires of war and of hate. No longer should we accept that the world is static, never responding to the needs of its inhabitants.

Now, we have the chance to forge a new path, a new world, but we need your stories.

Join us to change the world. Join us to build a community of people who are ready to build a future. Join us by sharing your story, because together, we are stronger.