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Commentary on Gun Control: Who Owns The Nation’s Firearms?

This piece shows, using legal definitions, works, and terms that prove that individuals do not own firearms. Rather, individuals share ownership with the state due to the imposition of gun control. As such, the following will be expressed using precision of language to keep away ambiguity. Accordingly, language regarding any given common or specific meaning… Keep Reading


The Persian Perish Song

A brief poem to make a crucial remark regarding of the wars’ in the Middle East, and the historical value of the region, which despite conflict is still a gem.   The Persian Perish Song Accustomed to war, heathened by dirt, lies a quaint little land, that tyrants bled to shore. Standing tall through historical… Keep Reading

Finance & Business

Dow 20,000 Conundrum: Why Markets are Destined to Drop

The Dow 20,000 conundrum dates to the 1990’s just before the Tech Bubble burst, when all indicators and experts pointed to a record breaking 20,000 points, but that prediction never came true. All market action being a byproduct of human psychology will make 20,000 a key resistance point for numerous reasons. One, nobody is willing… Keep Reading

ETF Beating Investment Strategy

The Issue The primary issue with ETFs, much like mutual funds is the cost of operation. Rather, single shares in conglomerates are a much more effective personal investment strategy. Normal ETF’s have 2 fees: the cost of the trade and the cost of management. This can add up considerably, especially over the course of, say… Keep Reading


Chosen Isolation of Suburbia

My steady, monotonous thumping of ill lifted feet, scrape every third step over the concrete. I push on, alone on the path. There is nobody near me; the silence is deafening. Further on I trek, finally seeing another human, only to be met with an empty gaze and a glare of scorn. Welcome to suburbia,… Keep Reading


Gun Violence Versus Drug Abuse in Political Discussion

Last year, there were 3.4 firearm homicides per 100,000 (1), while the deaths from Heroin overdose in America’s youth, aged 18-25, were 7.3 per 100,000 (2). Which is a bigger issue, drug abuse, or guns? Donald Trump on his official site posteda PDF dedicated to how he intends to protect the Second Amendment, but no… Keep Reading


The Smart City of the Future

As we move forward into a new age of technology and society, the idea of smart cities are becoming more and more popular, but at what cost? Be it Songdo or Masdar, countries around the world are scrambling to develop cities that fully integrate modern technology, infrastructure, and methods of transportation, but the issue with… Keep Reading

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