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Investment Exposure to Tesla Without Risk

Tesla Motors (TSLA) is more valuable than Ford or GM, but this can not last. Undeniably, Elon Musk’s baby is in a bubble. Having gone up nearly 900 percent in the past 4 years, something is bound to change the moment the company stumbles. What makes Tesla so special? Having entered the market as a… Keep Reading


Making Self Help Work Using Actionable Information

Reading to Help Yourself Nonfiction and self help books dominate the majority of all I read. Even then, the nonfiction books that I read often consist of biographies for the sole purpose of learning how to be more like certain great individuals. Thus, they are effectually self help books. Despite this, I never feel satisfied… Keep Reading


Why Writing to Your Representative is a Waste of Time

As a personal project, I sent every Senate representative in The United States a letter, expressing my concerns as one of America‚Äôs youth. In respect to your time, I will keep this letter brief. My name is Ian Arko, from Colorado and my generation is lost. I write now to ask for advice. What can… Keep Reading


As The Raven Flies: Cross-Canada Cycle Tour

What We’re Doing This year, we are cycling across Canada to foster a better understanding of the different histories and ecosystems embedded in our shared landscapes. We are Canadian. With 2017 marking 150 years since our country was formally confederated, it is a critical time to examine our collective narrative. This land holds stories that… Keep Reading


Scott Pruitt on Climate Change

Scott Pruitt official became the newest chair of the American Environmental Protection Agency, and his views represent a painful attack on global development. Climate change is here, unarguable, and will be the greatest single event which humanity has ever had to overcome. Scott Pruitt’s Views Published in 2016, Scott Pruitt wrote the following in his… Keep Reading

Finance/Finance & Business

How confident are you in your finances?

As the market continues its run upwards, it is important to look down and see how real, everyday people are doing financially? Financial Literacy According to the Financial Literacy Council, the US national average scores 62.42% of all questions correctly. Only 3 in 5 people questions understood on the most basic of levels. This is… Keep Reading


Twitter Puts Global Security At Risk

In the modern world, we communicate quickly, and directly, but the negative effects will eventually come. Under the Trump presidency, this will saftey no longer be the case, especially due to the rise of Twitter. Twitter provides a unique standing, one which the world has never before seen. Anybody, anywhere, can have direct communication with… Keep Reading

Finance & Business/Politics

Made in America Mistake

As the United States removes itself from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, global trade is at risk. Is this trade important, or is it better to buy goods “Made in America”? President Trump argues that isolationism can bring back American jobs, but this does not appear to be the case. Instead, it could hurt both national prospects… Keep Reading


Revamping America’s Over-Bloated Laws

Since the formation of the modern American Republic, many laws have been passed. In the last 240 years, the laws have become cumulative, building upon one another. Now, the number of laws are uncountable, having more than 3,000 federal crimes with an unknown, uncounted, number of active laws. Such high number of laws make for… Keep Reading


Syrian Humanitarian Crisis and Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban

In March of 2011, protests began in Deraa, a city in Southern Syria, to promote the ideas of democracy. After governmentally controlled accidentally killed members of the crowd, demands to see President Assad removed from power began. Eventually, rising tension escalated into armed conflict. The country descended into civil war. In the past 6 years… Keep Reading

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